Menagerie Investments and Holdings is a seed and early-stage micro VC fund that focuses on companies and entrepreneurs who focus on 2 questions: "How will things be done tomorrow?"


"How should things be done tomorrow?" 

We focus on companies that are built on equality, the furthering of the human greater good, and the pursuit of greatness; not only in profit or return, but also in contribution.

Menagerie Investments

& Holdings


For any inquiries, please call or email us:
our address

P.O. Box 907

Chandler, AZ

310-993-9529   |

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"[Menagerie] has always been supportive and increasingly helpful as we've grown expanding both from investors, to advisors, and even aiding us in receivables based financing when we needed quick cash in order to sustain through business changes.  I've dealt with a lot of investors and many of those that wrote larger checks into my company didn't contribute anywhere near the level of total value as Menagerie."

- Marco Hansell, CEO of Speakr